Everybody sings about life but not all of them make you feel it.
— Kisha Ferguson, CTVNews

Nathalie King (formerly known as Nathalie Kraemer) is an accomplished German artist based in Toronto, Ontario. King's music has been noted for its cinematic pop style; a signature blend of pop beats wreathed in a film score sound that expresses tragic themes like lost love, regret and abuse. Her lower range is hypnotic and sultry; her upper range soft and melodic. King, who has German, French and Vietnamese roots, has been writing songs as a therapeutic means to deal with depression throughout her life. Her deep and meaningful song writing draws her audience into the magic and sadness of her music. King is an award-winning singer, who has experience in radio guest host appearances. The singer-songwriter released her first studio album, Odyssey, in 2013 and has since released a few singles, notably “Nevermind” in 2016 which received excellent critical reception. King has appeared regularly as a jazz singer on the Toronto music scene, and has more than 200 shows under her belt. King is now focusing on performing her original music. The artist signed with MoJo Records in 2016, and is currently finishing her new EP which will be released later this year. 



Photographer: Patrick Koziol

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